Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day today.
I hung out with my orientation group mates, and wherever we went, we definitely saw couples everywhere. Young and old. Of course, Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with whoever you love isn’t it?
But expression of love should never be shown only on Valentine’s Day because that is totally insincere. If there’s true love, I guess that commitment, expression and sacrifice is made on a near-daily basis.
I’m not envious. Valentine’s Day is not for singles like me to mope around and say that we’re ‘forever alone’. Because most of us have grown up through more than a decade of being single isn’t it? So do we get depressed and ‘forever alone’ every year just because we don’t have partner we love? Love should never be forced like this, and this isn’t the purpose of Valentine’s Day either. It’s not a day for couples to show their affection only on that day. It’s more of a day of appreciation and ‘thanksgiving’. Even being single, we can show the love to those around us, to our family and friends. It’s definitely not a day to confine one’s feelings to.
I enjoyed today with my orientation group. It’s been really fun despite the rain the whole day. The time spent together was valuable, and it probably won’t come again with these same people once orientation is over in a few days’ time. Valentine’s Day was nothing much in my new school, but in my old school, I remember the times we gave hugs and presents and celebrated Valentine’s Day with our fellow friends because it was a single-sex school and there was no awkwardness between friends. It’s good to reminisce it, but even I am moving on. The next time I’d truly celebrate Valentine’s Day is probably when I do find someone I treasure.
But let today be happy.


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