When you don’t really know what’s going on, when you don’t really know what will happen, when you don’t really know the real truth behind the supposed truth, then what should one do?
What should be done?
The threats, the sarcasm won’t stop after a day. A day of silence after the wrath is the scariest, most uncomfortable day one will ever go through. Because the attack might come, but then again, it might not. Psychology might be able to explain why, but all these vague general reasons won’t provide any assurance to the victims. They won’t tell you what’s going to happen. Based on our senses, we may be able to sense the level of danger, the level of evil, but we won’t be able to foresee what will happen.
The unseen, the things yet to happen, the speculations and the worries are the parts which make people most worried. They can’t calm down and feel at peace, they can’t tell themselves with utmost confidence that things are over and fine, they can’t give themselves the comfort, peace and security they need even though they keep trying to give that to others. But what’s the point, when you can’t even protect yourself? People say that if we can’t care for ourselves, we can’t care for others. This is emphasised everywhere, from the instructions in aeroplanes telling people to put on their own oxygen masks before attending to their kids in the event of an emergency, to the words so often shouted during military training. “If you can’t take care of your own belongings, your own teammates, how will you care for the country?”
We all want to know the future. What’s lurking around the next corner, what’s ahead of us. No one likes the feeling of not knowing something. It’s because of this feeling that curiosity was born.
Today’s ‘cooling-off day’ was filled with trepidation and uncertainty. Certainly no peace despite sleeping and doing our daily stuff. Because no matter how much we try to fool our hearts that nothing’s currently happening, our mind is smarter. This is why the power of the mind is very strong. If we can’t fool our minds that everything’s well, we can’t feel our hearts at peace. It starts with the mind.
Certainly, something could have happened without us knowing. Evil plans could be brewing right at our doorstep. Things could have happened without our knowledge. We still wouldn’t know a thousand years later. Because everyone lives their own life, and worries about their own future. Things which we do happen to know isn’t our future. If it’s related to us, it’s because everyone’s lives are interconnected. But ultimately, the only future we have is ours.


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